What’s an “EasyOne”?


In 15 years of brokering mortgages, I have never come across an idea like this.  15 years! … until now.

We are vetted to provide the best of the best when it comes to our customers mortgages.  Price, care, due diligence, honesty, integrity, service… the list goes on.  But one thing was always waning on my mind as I worked away;  “Why can’t we offer MORE to our clients”?

It is with enthusiasm that I say, now we can!

Meet CFF Bank.  CFF Bank is a Schedule 1, Chartered Bank of Canada.  Think of Scotia / RBC / CIBC / TD and so on.  CFF Bank is now playing in the same sandbox as these mighty institutions.  One difference?  The banking products from CFF Bank are offered through licensed and authorized Service Centres, called Canadian First Financial Centres- chosen by selected and vetted Mortgage Brokerages across Canada.  Now - think of the PC Financial’s, ING’s, Tangerines of the world.  Now we’re getting closer to the philosophy of ‘how’ CFF Bank operates.  The convenience of online banking, with the security of a Schedule 1, Chartered Bank with CDIC Insurance coverage.  We are proud to now offer MORE - specifically when it comes to your best interests in Bank Accounts, RSP’s, GIC’s, Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA), & High Interest Savings Accounts (HISA)!

Our debut product is today’s highlight:  Meet, the EASYONE Account…

The EasyOne Account is found only within CFF Bank Distribution Centres (we are the first in Calgary!).  It is a 3-in-1 account:  High Interest Savings Account / Chequing Account / and Unsecured Line of Credit.  When we describe the EasyOne, likely the best way to go about it is to describe it like a regular bank account - with a massive overdraft!  And here’s one of the best parts - it is a NO FEE Account.  SO… if you have a positive balance in the bank account (starting at $1.00) - you are automatically in the HISA instrument of the account; making 1.30% on your money.  If, however, you have to draw upon your account, and go into the “negative” (this would be your Line of Credit instrument), you can borrow from yourself up to your maximum allowance.  Full max allowance OAC is $25,000.00.  Here’s where things get even more interesting..  Interest rates start at prime plus 4%.  In today’s market, that means an effective rate of 7%.  Remember:  This is UNsecured credit.  Minimum monthly payment on your line of credit is 1% of the balance, OR $50; whichever is greater.  So now think of the credit cards you carry.  What are their interest rates at? (18%…19%…22%?!)  The account will also act as a regular chequing account that is accompanied by a debit card so you can make withdrawals like any other account.  You can also pay bills directly out of your account.  For the savvy out there… you’re already thinking about how you can use this account to cancel out unnecessary interest that you’re paying on other debt.  ….Now you’re thinking!

How have our clients used this account?  Well, just check out some of the uses so far:

-  Lowered interest payment (as per above example)

-  Renovated their homes cost effectively

-  Used for down payment on Revenue Property

-  Used to “facelift” their home before selling

-  And more…

Being able to offer more than mortgages is exciting - but the most exciting part about it is being able to offer more, and beating the major brands on rate and convenience.  Who couldn’t stand to save more money these days?

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Changing the Landscape of the Canadian Mortgage Industry

Financial Update

Canadian First Financial Group (CFF Bank) announces that they have just launched 7 NEW banking retail offices in Western Canada.

President of CFF Bank, Peter Vukanovick, has this to say:

“By joining the Canadian First Financial network, mortgage professionals are empowered to do more for their clients by assisting with additional banking and financial service needs,” said Peter Vukanovich, President and CEO.  “Our recently launched CFF Bank EASYONE Account (a no-fee unsecured line of credit combined with a high interest rate savings account) and Tax-Free Savings Account are adding value to their mortgage businesses and client relationships.  We are receiving positive feedback from CFF Centre owners on how easy it is to help their clients with more than just mortgages,” said Vukanovich.

Included as one of the new Distribution Centers is Calgary’s own, Canada First Mortgage.  Being a part of the Canadian mortgage industry for the past 14 years has been fast-paced and constantly evolving.  To be a part of the latest launch of Retail Banking Distribution Centers changes things drastically; for us, our clients, and consumers yet again - and for the better!  Offering mortgages to Canadians from Canada’s leading banks and lenders has been something we’re used to doing, but now we get to guide consumers to alternative banking products that compete with the best of the best.  Canadian consumers need choice, and we are proud to be a part of this unique opportunity; assisting Canadian’s with yet more saving opportunities.

Canadian First Financial plans to continue expanding locations in communities across the country. It is also committed to building additional retail banking product options to help Canadians with all their banking and financial needs.

Find out more… let us know how we can save you MORE.

We Love Movember…


Everything you wanted to know about Movember:  http://ca.movember.com/?home

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Alberta Flood - The Aftermath - And your Mortgage…

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Reports suggest that satellite imagery had notice that a flood was on its way -   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/satellite-data-hinted-at-alberta-floods-weeks-ago/article12792249/ .  We can become unsettled with that, but then again we ask ourselves “how much time would have that given us to DO anything about it?”  The fact of the matter is that it came, it saw, and it kicked our behinds.  The first ever (that we know of), of this magnitude and now we’re left to deal with the aftermath…

Unlike many residents of High River, most of the affected in Calgary have now began to restore, rebuild, and move back into their homes.  High River… well, a lot of the residents there can only watch in heartache and come to grips that their homes are now and forever uninhabitable.  So many material items…lost - with all but memories remaining.

As the communities pull together to help our fellow man, woman, and families (and what an honor to live in such a community where we witnessed SO many helping hands of support!), many are left to deal with finances that leave them wondering how they will pull it together.

“Our government wants to help rebuild safer homes and stronger communities,” said Doug Griffiths, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “We have worked hard to find practical ways homeowners and small businesses can better protect their property from flood damage in the future.”  He also announced that “No eligible homeowner with flood damage will go without financial support.”  So as we wait to see this program unfold, many of us have lives to deal with at the same time, and pay our mortgage.  It’s an awful lot to take on at one time:  kids, food, gas, home, entertainment, on and on… all of this while we deal with rebuilding and restoring - and waiting.

Mortgage Insurers (Genworth in particular) has offered a helping hand during this time of uncertainty.  Genworth has a HomeOwnership Assistance Program whereby they are assisting flood affected homeowners (insured by Genworth) by offering up to 6 months relief of mortgage payment.  All of the scenario’s of course are different and are reviewed on a case by case scenario, but it can be a beacon of light in times like these.

If you are in need of assistance for your mortgage payments and are affected by the flood - BUT, do not know if your mortgage is insured by Genworth (and Canada First Mortgage did your mortgage for you) - let us know.  We would be happy to find out for you.

Here’s a video showing a real life case, and glimpse as to how it works: Genworth Home Owners Assistance

New Closing Costs have arrived (finally!)


Many of you past home owners were met with having to prove that you had 1.5% closing costs to finalize the purchase of your home.  What does this mean?  It means that lenders were asking borrowers to show and ADDITIONAL 1.5% of the purchase price in their bank account, to prove that you can actually afford to close the mortgage … and essentially move into your new home.

What’s wrong with that picture…?

Well, to begin with - 1.5% of an average home sold in Calgary works out to approximately $6750.  So the lender is asking that you show your down payment (minimum 5% of the purchase price), and that you have this as additional ‘mad money’ in your account to move.  Does it cost this much to move?  NO!!  Not typically unless you were packing multiple, large, and heavy items across continents would it cost this much to move and close a mortgage.

In the past, lenders would accommodate the request to show a lawyers letter stating what the “actual cost” is to close the mortgage.  Typical lawyers closing costs are anywhere between $1000 to $1300 to purchase a home… it depends on what the lawyer is required and asked to do by the lender; however that’s a typical bill from a lawyer when you move. But if we could show the lender this letter, usually they would accommodate this document.  This obviously causes more leg work and perhaps delayed time for lawyers to respond to this request as they have to draft up a special and specific form or email.

The NEW rule for lenders in Alberta, is to show that you have .50% in closing costs.  So for example, if you were to purchase a $300,000.00 home, you would be required to show your minimum 5% down payment ($15,000), PLUS an additional $1500 in your account to appease this request of showing that you can afford to close the mortgage.

That’s good news in my books… but maybe a couple years late in the “actual change” to the rules :).  Still… it’s good news!

NOTE:  Ask us how to get your legals paid (up to $750) when you or anyone you know who is thinking about purchasing a home - We love to pay it forward!

What the Banks Won’t Tell You…


When it comes to mortgages, AND LENDERS - that not all are “one size fits all”. Lenders not only have different products, but can calculate the overall cost to borrowing differently… Click the image below to check out the video!

If you have any questions regarding mortgages - let us know, we’re only happy to help.


Dan and Stacey Mass - AMP’s

Need a Landlords Permission?

First Time Homebuyer

He needs a home…  Do you?

Owning your home indeed has its benefits.  Things like having your “equity” build while you sleep, and the pride that comes with calling a home of your own is one thing - but it’s another thing to be able to build a family in a home that has roots.  Your Roots.

If you’re thinking “Shame on you Dan for using this cute little puppy as a way to get me to read your letter”, well, let me get to the point for you…

Here’s an example of what the difference is in ownership vs. renting right now:

Current Rent Payment (eg.):  $1400 ($16,800/yr.)

Purchase Price of a home:  $300,000.00
Down Payment Required (5%):  $15,000.00 (FYI - can come from family gift, savings, RRSP’s, other investments, borrowing from Line of Credit, more…)
Total Mortgage Amount (after CMHC):  $292,837.50
MONTHLY PAYMENTS:  $1361.91 (Based on a 2.84% 5yr. fixed rate - payment is principle and interest only; Property taxes are extra.)

DIFFERENCE:  Besides a savings from your rent payment, OWNERSHIP!

If you average a 3% equity gain per year, you gain $9000/yr. in home value…every year!

…Not to mention the fact that you can bring that cute little guy into your home without having to get permission from a landlord :)

Want to see if you qualify for a home?  IT’S EASY AND FREE… let us know today!

OR… simply click below to get straight to the mortgage application.  This is where it all starts!!

Apply Online Today - Quick and Easy Mortgage Application

Dan and Stacey Mass - Broker and Owners / AMP (Accredited Mortgage Professionals)

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Do you have room for a Mortgage Payment Increase?

Financial Update

In a study performed in late 2012, 80% of Canadians (who was surveyed) said they could comfortably handle a monthly payment increase of at least $200…

Do you fall in this category of Canadians?

If so, that means you are placing more towards your mortgage payment now…. right?  Why wait for interest rates to rise… when you’re forced to pay more?  And further to that, why wouldn’t you want to put more money towards your principle and knock thousands of your overall interest payments off, and decreasing your amortization by YEARS?  Well like most people, your answer might be - “it’s hard”!

There’s a lot to be said about style of living when you ‘have the money’.  To put your extra money towards a structured plan isn’t really in everyone’s DNA.  Let the good times roll as they say :)

Now stop and think for a second what it could mean to expedite your debt-freedom date through this interest cancellation program.  What would you do with the extra money THEN?

I love that I’ve found this system.

Click on the image below:


Dan & Stacey Mass, AMP’s


When To Use A Mortgage Broker…And When Not To.

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Last year, Canadians were polled to see exactly what and when they think they should use a mortgage broker… here’s some interesting feedback:


First-Time Home Buyers:  68%

Problematic Financial Situations:  56%

Expiring Mortgage Term:  52%

Transferring Mortgage to New Property:  42%

Healthy Financial Position:  36%

Self-Employed:  36%

What I find interesting is the stigma that is attached to what a mortgage broker is useful for.  The fact of the matter - Mortgage Brokers are good for all of the above.

When is it not a good time to use a broker?

I still don’t have a good answer for you on this one.  In a quest to come up with an answer for this, I find myself looking for analogies.  So let’s take this one for example…

Let’s say your lost on the road…driving…aimlessly!  You could stop off at the gas station - see if they have the right map for you - and start to navigate yourself to familiar territory.  Some gas stations might not have the maps your looking for - so you drive to another gas station… until you find one that has what you’re looking for.  You study the map to see where your current location is, then you have to drive while you take your eyes off the road to see where you’re going, to hopefully make it back to where you want to be… in a reasonable amount of time no less!


You could push the GPS button on your phone or car dash and simply tell the system what you want, where you want, how fast it will take to get there.

The mortgage broker is the home finance GPS system.  We look for the right map for you, with literally dozens of choices to choose from, until we find the right map that takes you home.  Fast and most efficiently. (At not even the cost of a road map!)

If it has to do with home financing, a mortgage broker should be able to streamline it all.

To your health and wealth…

Dan & Stacey Mass - AMP’s


Complete Debt-Freedom…is that even possible now-a-days?

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Does this sound unreasonable to you?

Our mothers and fathers grew up knowing what they had to do:  “First thing you do is pay your mortgage off!”  That’s what their parents were doing.  And many did!  However, in this day and age there seems to be some confusion around what our priorities should be when it comes to debt and debt management.  Cool little write up from the Globe and Mail on paying your mortgage down: HERE.

You see, here’s the thing:  “Debt-Management” is a relatively new concept to us!  Our ancestors never had to deal with such an idea.  They didn’t have to deal with it because you didn’t buy what you couldn’t afford to buy in the moment.  Credit (as a whole) was a European concept back in the 1800’s, but wasn’t introduced to North America until the early 1900’s, and really didn’t take traction until about the mid 1900’s.  Even at that, it was only well to do businesses that utilized credit.  And it wasn’t until the 60’s when credit became more common, and the 70’s when everyone knew the phrase:  “American Express…. don’t leave home without it”.

Look at what’s happened in such a short 30 or 40 years.  If we think about it, we’ve managed to dig ourselves into a hole on a National level in a very short period of time!

Here’s the good news…

We don’t have to settle with that… and paying debt interest.  You don’t have to live with societal expectations of “living in debt”!  There’s a way out… and I want to show you what it is…

The program is called SmartEquity TM.  It is the latest, most transparent, interest cancellation system to hit the market…and it is a Canadian Product!  This program was designed by Mark Montserin (that’s his voice on the video on the attached link).  I have come to know Mark on a deeper level in the past couple of months; great guy, and he knows his stuff.  The moddo to his SmartEquity program?  “It’s not Magic, It’s Math”.

I invite you to have a look for yourself, and relish in the fact that your future doesn’t have to be riddled with years and years of paying interest payments.  I loved this concept so much, that I bought the system for myself, and now I have incorporated it into my mortgage business.  You see - my job for the past decade (+) has been putting people into debt.  BIG debt!  I’ve never been happy about that part of it, so I am very proud to adopt this system into my business because now I have a weapon that will eliminate your debt faster than you thought was possible :)  Please… have look at the system that just might change your future!!

(Click Link Below - Video embedded in the link)

Here’s to an interest free future.


Dan Mass.


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